• before the procedure, the doctor or auxiliary staff perform anesthesia with a cream with a lidocaine crystal 10.56% or locally.
  • the preparation in the amount of 5 ml is injected using a thin cannula of 22 to 25 G size or needles of 25-26 G size.
  • cheeks
  • jaw
  • nasolabial furrows
  • corners of the mouth
  • infraorbital area
  • deep wrinkles

The treatment with LENISNA does not require any special precautions. Before each treatment, a medical consultation should be carried out in order to assess the condition of the skin and plan treatment areas.

Due to the high concentration of poly D, L lactic acid – 170 mg and hyaluronic acid – 30 mg, the treatment is intended for people:

  • with clear signs of aging 40+
  • needing to increase the volume of sunken areas of the face
  • especially for the correction of skin depressions such as: folds in the skin, wrinkles, furrows, as well as in the case of face drooping and skin laxity

We can successfully use it on the inside of the thighs, abdomen and sagging arms.

  • keep the treatment site hygienic
  • avoid sun exposure
  • spa visits on the day of surgery are not permitted
  • on the first and second day after the procedure, there will be a slight post-treatment swelling, especially in sensitive areas, such as the eye area
  • the swelling usually subsides by day 3